Oct. 24th, 2006

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I remember little of my grandperè's exploits or his forebears, I fear. My parents always taught me of our history of honour and nobility, stretching back a good five hundred years, but these men I did not know personally despite the pride I have in my lineage.

I do not remember my father's father, but I remember all too well my father himself, D'artagnan the elder. Strong he was, proud and not overly given to emotions.. Yet I could hardly hope for better in a sire, though I doubt he knew his true worth to his son. He taught me what it was to be a man, by both word and deed, showing me that valour is something ever to be sought and loyalty to King and Country were a trust greater than gold and more precious than any object could ever be.

He lived for his King. He died for his King. With such an example, I could never dream of doing less.

My mother, grand dame that she was, had been the rock of my childhood; richer families may have their young ones given into the care of servants, but my mother was always there and I could not but be the better for it. She always showed infinite patience and warmth for the silliest little details, whether I had a frog to show her or a broken wrist, and I loved her the more every moment for that.. She was all that a mother should be.

I remember a scene from my youth with vivid detail, when I overheard a porter offering his peers a crude remark about her, much to their crass and braying mirth. After breaking his nose and being thrown aside, I picked up a nearby tree branch and gave him the drubbing he so richly deserved. Though he were a grown man and I but a boy of ten, backing away was something I never considered.. Indeed, had there been ten of him, I would not have acted otherwise.

Her hot and bitter tears shed over me as I returned much the worse for wear, the sovereign ointment she dressed my wounds with that she later taught me to craft, and her shining pride in a son who stood up for her honor are moments I shall bear with me for aye.. though hopefully I have learned a little discretion since.

I have ever been proud of my ancestors, and I hope that one day I shall make my ancestors proud of me.

Muse: D'artagnan
Fandom: The Three Musketeers
Word Count: 370


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